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Program Updates:
The program updates will be listed by dates.  If after installing the latest update and you develop error messages, you can come back to this site and download the previous update to restore your program.
(example:  The current 3 updates will be shown with the top date being the latest update. 
All program updates contain the latest hotel info file and previous updates.
Instructions for downloading the program updates are under the "Manuals & Instructions" section on this page.

Program Support:
A [Program Support] button has been added for you to send questions concerning the program or error messages you receive in the program's operation.  You can also include ideas you would like to see in the program.

What's New:
(located on the program update page)
This will contain the changes in the program for each update.

Rotation Files:
The program requires you to download the PDF rotation files from DeltaNet flight operation page.  Instructions for doing this are found on the
Operation Manual link under Manuals & Instructions on this web page.

Operation User Manual:
The Operation Manual is available for view and print on this page.

Hotel Information:
The Delta rotation files do not include hotel phone numbers.  To include the phone numbers on the calendar and the printed rotations, a Hotel Information file is available on this web page.  This information is copied from the DeltaNet site for use with the program.  The Hotel file is included in the program updates.
You can also download the Hotel file from the link on this page.
Hotels Manuals & Instruction Program Updates
Program Support
Reference What's New for details.
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